Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Innovation - Random Thoughts

* You tell me that you are waiting for inspiration? Stop waiting and do something! Grab a pen and a piece of paper to scratch ideas all day long. Think of your current problem with all your mind, heart and soul. Ask someone. Prototype with all available tools. At work, at home, in the shower, in the car. Take a break and then restart the process. Be unsatisfied until you have all the answers.

* True innovation lies outside the boundaries set by rules. But we need rules to organize all the rest.

* There are at least two prerequisites for innovation: a clear set of constraints to deal with and an unsatisfied, extremely curious, always looking for improvement and tenacious set of mind.

* Innovation needs constraints, know-how and will. But, above all, it needs a well defined problem and people who are desperately motivated to solve it.