About Me

Who Am I?

PMP and Agile Certified Engineer,

I have a Bachelor's degree in "Computer Engineering" and a MSc in "Distributed Systems" from the "Gh. Asachi Technical University" (Iasi).

I started my professional career in programming, in 2002. In December 2004 I joined Ubisoft, being appointed programming team leader in March 2007. In December 2008 I became Video Game Producer (Linked-In profile, curriculum vitae), managing both local and distributed teams and working with international stakeholders from Paris, Annecy, Bucharest, Kiev or Montreal. 

In 2012 I've relocated to Ukraine to manage the video game production department from Ubisoft Kiev. 

Ubisoft Kiev, September 2014

Recently (October 2014) I have moved back to Bucharest to lead the Mail And Media department from 1&1, After almost 10 years of video game production, I have switched back to more traditional software development.

Ubisoft, Annual Meeting, Kyiv 2011

On the personal side, I love reading all sorts of books (leadership, management, fiction, non-fiction, design, software), playing guitar, traveling. I love technology and working with people. I am passionate about developing and shipping creative products. I love beauty, usability, accessibility, simplicity and performance - in a word, design. Therefore, I admire Macs, iPhones and Steve Jobs. I also believe in the open source community and Linux, as a source for stable and reliable innovation.

Why This Blog?

I believe in verbalizing ideas. I believe that, in order to overcome our limitations, we need to set perfection as target and try to reach it. The closer we get to it, the better we succeed, but we cannot succeed if we don't reach out for our ideals.

I post because I am an enthusiastic person and I love my job, my life, I love to meet people and, in general, I love to share generous ideas hoping the world will become a slightly better place because of my actions.

Playing Guitar at Public Speaking Support Group

Thoughts presented here evolve as I gather new experiences. Sometimes I update my previous posts, sometimes I don't. Some  posts are not fully developed, some are arguable, some only present a facet of something more complex, some are wishful thinking or refer to an ideal situation. Most of them, however, present how I perceived a certain situation at a certain moment.