Ionut Grozea, Director of Development Eastern Europe – Ubisoft

“We hired Alexandru few years ago in Ubisoft, being impressed by his technical level and motivation. He   leveled-up from programmer to programming team leader and Producer very smoothly, being one of the most promising developers we've ever had. He succeeded in all assigned tasks - even on very difficult ones, based on his perseverance, technical level and "close to the people" management style. It was a real pleasure working with him.”

Mihai Daranga, Lead Character and Animation Department – Ubisoft

“Alexandru is the most energetic and jovial producer that I’ve ever work with. He has a very good attitude toward the Project and toward the team.”

Robert David, Manager Software Development, Freescale Semiconductor

Annual Meeting - Kyiv, Ukraine
“I have been working with Alexandru at Freescale Semiconductor. He has been part of my SW TOOLS team and he contributed to the development of a .NET C#/C++ tool able to access a 3G phone's file system from a PC application via two very complex frameworks. He succeeded to develop the tool very fast, he proved to have a solid technical background and he also established excellent working relationships with colleagues from France and India. I will be glad to work with Alexandru again anytime  and I can recommend him as an enthusiastic and technically gifted software engineer.”

Miguel Angel Martin, Cinematic And Movie Director 

"I worked under Alexandru’s supervision on Silent Hunter 5. He was the Producer, I was a Director. I rarely worked with someone that transmits such a good vibe like him. Every problem was an amusing challenge to confront, mainly because of his positive approach, as if it was a funny adventure to live. I came to conclusion that work is effectively a funny adventure to live for him. I hope I have the chance to work again with Alexandru and sincerely recommend him."

Assassin's Creed Revelations - PC Team in Kyiv, Ukraine