Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I Like My Job and The Gaming Industry

a) It's truly dynamic. Technologies change, evolution is very fast and one has to be very competitive in order to keep pace
b) It's highly challenging and fosters creativity and self improvement. It's like living on the edge. In order to stay in the field you really have to be number one
c) It's a vast domain. It's not only about management, programming or methodologies. It's also about what is fun in the world, about how to make people enjoy themselves, about military technology, submarines, weapons, airplanes, warfare, usability, player psychology, mythology, history, beauty and art. It's about cutting edge hardware and various development platforms and constraints: PS3, XBOX, DS, PC, iPhone, etc
d) It's international. Ubisoft, for instance, has studios allover the world and it is possible to work abroad for some time if you really want to and you're good
e) Everything being so cutting edge is also about promoting the right people
f) It's because imagination is really important
f) It's because it's damn hard

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