Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disconnected Thoughts

The difference between a dreamer and a person of great success is that the latter actually does something to achieve his / her dreams.

Focus is slowly shifting from efficiency and order to extreme motivation, adaptability and innovation. Since we need to invent new ways to serve our customers, we need to find those people who are desperately motivated to do it (and keep them motivated :p).

The effectiveness of a research report is inversely proportional to the thickness of its binding - Todd Wilkens (Adaptive Path). I'd extend that to that the effectiveness of any kind of report or document is inversely proportional to the thickness of its binding :D

We are not our target audience! When we build a product, we need to understand the needs, the emotions and the ways our customers are doing things. We are not developing products for ourselves but for a wide range of people, with a diverse range of feelings and backgrounds and we need to see who they are and honestly empathize with them as persons, not as consumers.

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IonutG said...

It's extremely hard to keep yourself motivated sometimes, especially when your first "dream" is don't die of hunger and get you damn place. The solution is pretty simple motivate your self to study and get a job from what you have available to you at the moment, but now I've done that I have almost no time for me or my free-time projects. The job is pretty ok (I even got a promise that I'll get to do a couple of casual games in the near future) but It's just not something I would really enjoy long-term, so here comes another dream ... find a way to gain some alternative revenue so I won't have to go to work, at least not full-time, and here comes to play my idea, let's try a webcomic (vucomic.com) and see how it does after a couple of months who knows it might be just what I need :).