Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taking Charge Of My Life

Yesterday it stroke me. For a long time I was thinking how to increase my professional performance yet mix it with my personal life, while maintaining this balance on the long and sustainable run. I felt that something had to be done, that I was missing something, some attitude that I could not verbalize.

What I realized is that I needed to take charge of my life and run it like I would run a business. After all, one's  greatest asset to manage is himself and his time. Actively managing them, brings up many benefits  like:
  • Always having a clear scope and a target to reach, focus
  • Taking full ownership and responsibility of what I am doing
  • Paying attention to all signals around me, actively gathering feedback from everywhere - after all, I have a "business" to run
  • Feeling more alive, having more energy
  • Becoming better and better, personally and professionally.
This kind of attitude has reflections everywhere around: being more focused and more present, you inspire others to do the same. It's nothing specific - it's a mindset that makes you strong and confident.

One of the greatest assets of a team or person is ownership - the sense that he/she is part of the project, that he/she cares about his/her work and the sense that his/her performance directly impacts him/her in a positive way. Taking care of your life in a business-like manner, means that you perform everywhere like an entrepreneur. You don't feel that you work for a somebody else, that you obey directives hoping that one more day will pass, but rather you are an agent, work for yourself and have a contract with a company, a contract that you fulfill because it is in your mutual interest. - it's a mindset that cultivates ownership and performance - in you and in others.

This mindset allows one to be responsible of his/her actions and not blame others for his/her failures to act. Being in charge gives you strength and enhances your will. It also forces you to pay attention to what is around you and react fast. This increases optimism and courage to perform.

Taking charge of your life means having confidence in yourself. And having confidence means removing mental barriers and allowing peak performance. It has a snowball effect - personal performance increases your confidence and experience and, as a result, it means performing better and leading your life in a better way. Only benefits. :)

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Viorica Milea said...

taking charge of your life...hmm is something interesting ... and I think is about doing the right step on the perfect moment, take advantage and use the chance.
Is like you said pay attention and react fast ;)
nice thoughts :)