Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Empowering Entrepreneurs

I'd like to announce a very interesting project, targeted especially towards young entrepreneurs, called Empowering Entrepreneurs: http://www.entrepreneurs.empowering.ro (a project by JCI Bucharest)

The project consists of meetings, held at the "Bucharest Hubb", between participants and the coach Mihai Stanescu. The aim is to help young business starters share expertise, network and acquire new skills to develop their ideas.

Currently, there are 2 sessions planned:
  • Innovative management methods – 19 June 2010
  • Practical solutions to develop your business – 3 iulie 2010
but, probably, there will be more.

I have the chance to help on this project (spare-time activity, volunteer work), side by side with some very enthusiastic friends (Alex Gavriliu (http://www.alexgavriliu.ro), Bogdan Borza and Andreea Tanasescu) but we also got help from Giani Cojan and Mihnea Ilicevici.


Some noteworthy ideas discussed, through practical examples and live coaching:
  • need for self discipline - exercised through daily routines and commitment to schedules
  • need for planning (in life and in business)
  • need for benchmarking against the initial plan
  • equilibrium and how it can be attained through self discipline
  • working and always learning and improving

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