Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've just returned from one week in Ubisoft Montreal where I attended a conference on new game technologies. However, I will not write about the conference itself, but about the city and the people I met.
  • The architecture - downtown is a mixture of modern skyscrapers, art-deco, Neogothic cathedrals, Victorian houses, new and old, American and European at the same time, that blend together splendidly. In 2006, the city was recognized by the international design community as a UNESCO City of Design, one of the three world design capitals (wikipedia)
  • The parks - huge parks, with free ice rings. One of the most beautiful is the Mount Royal, with wonderful panoramas to view the entire city.
  • The people - a mixture of nations and cultures. In the street, people are warm and willing to help you. The services are great. Everyone seems to do his/her job with passion and dedication.
  • The hotel - Ryatt Regency - warm, American, with a light jazzy feeling.
  • The streets - traffic seems by far lighter than in Romania.
In a word, a great experience.

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