Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Sometimes Less Means More?

May sound like a contradiction but, actually, it is not. Maintaining less things or activities around you helps you keep your focus on what is important. It helps you use your entire energy to do only the most crucial things and do them better. Switching tasks is time consuming and energy inefficient. It can also get you depressed because you just don't get to reach your maximum potential in any fields - you know you could do "that" better! Simplicity generates a feeling of lightness and that leads to optimism and confidence. Multitasking is great and can help you do more because it allows you to better fill time gaps and also doesn't get you bored but, be careful how many tasks you undertake ;). What to do when you get overcrowded? Delegate, simplify, get rid of things that you don't really need - become efficient and effective. Too many activities will get you lost in details and you will loose the big picture. When you feel it's just too much, stop, think, reanalyze, reorganize.

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