Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Means to Be Sure of Yourself

Yesterday I was putting my papers in order when I stumbled upon some notes I wrote during a leadership training I participated in few years ago. It was about what it means to be sure of yourself. I thought I'd share them with you as a short sum-up of the subject.

A person sure of herself:

  • Speaks loud and clear
  • Expresses his feelings
  • Expresses her wishes loud and clear
    • An unspoken wish does not exist.
    • An unsure person is afraid to express his wishes because of fear of criticism or refusal.
  • Knows how to say NO
    • Personal note: I've discovered that it is much easier to say NO when you are prepared. By that, I mean you know your objectives and you have a course charted to accomplish them. If you have a plan, it's easier to estimate your resources and availability and whether what you are asked to do benefits you as well. 
  • Is capable of criticism
    • Positive statement + criticism
    • Express emotion + criticism
    • Express solutions + criticism
    • Descriptive and precise
  • Reacts positively to criticism
    • Criticism is seen as information
    • Asks for more details and rephrases to make sure he understands
    • Asks for advice
    • Expresses her emotions when critics is overwhelming
    • Can decide whether to use the other person as mentor
  • Allows himself to make mistakes
    • Any mistake is seen as an experience that can be overtaken
    • Any mistake does not say about me that I've embarrassed myself forever
  • Is capable of asking for help
    • Only the strong ones ask for help
    • Hiding a weakness and not asking for help attracts attention
  • Is capable of self-presentation
    • Visual contact, distance between individuals, movement, speed of speech, loudness of speech, content of speech

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