Saturday, November 29, 2008

Karim Rashid - Design Your Self

Ever since "Publica" print house published Karim Rashid's "Design Yourself", everyone seems caught up with it. Skeptical at first, saying to myself "yet another book to teach you how to live your life" I took it and started to read. At first, I was impressed by its looks. Glossy pages, colorful, different. Inside? Short and to the point. Urban. Solid and simple ideas about how life is and should be lived, packed in a trendy design, written especially for us, people in the whirlpool of city life. The basic idea the book is constructed upon is that less sometimes means more - how to organize your house, your desk, your shopping list. It also emphases that you should take your life in your hands, not be afraid of challenges and changes, develop yourself and express your personality as you see fit. It may sound like a cliche but the book is well written, short, colorful, full of examples, some of them being quite funny. I had a good time reading it and it also made me think about things that I should change in my life. Good one :)


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