Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creativity and Innovation

This post is a collection of ideas gathered from others, ideas that seem so natural and obvious but many people fail to apply them when it comes to innovation and creativity.
  • IDEO: build on ideas of others
  • IDEO: stay focused on the problem
  • IDEO: you don't have to tell people what to do. give them a great problem and they will do the job themselves
  • IDEO: one conversation at a time
  • IDEO: don't criticize
  • IDEO: encourage wild ideas. You don't get to see the value of an idea first of. You have to live with it for a little bit
  • IDEO: listening to your current customers can sometime stop you from being innovative. People are used to tell you what they already have plus a little bit more
  • IDEO: start with the user experience and then build the technology to support it
  • Sketching on a piece of paper is like brainstorming with myself
  • Fail soon to get things done faster
  • IDEO: give the user feedback
  • IDEO: encourage diversity. As the product complexity increases you need more than one type of specialist: you need psychologists, designers, computer engineers, brand research, graphic artists and a lot more
  • IDEO: most great ideas come from small, focused, autonomous teams
  • PHILLIPS: focus on people, focus on user experience
Obvious, isn't it?

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